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Hey there! My name is Kyle McDaniel, I’m 39 years old and I live in Fort Worth, TX with my wife Kitty and our two kids, Henry 3 and Catherine 1. Both Kitty and I are “from” North Texas but have moved around here and there throughout our lives but this area has always felt like it was home for us. Kitty and I met in December of 2010 and were married on July 28th, 2012. We had both come to know the Lord and be born again before meeting each other and have seen our relationship with Him grow and mature through the years of our marriage as we’ve learned to love each other as He has loved us. We are just a regular family I guess, just people who really need Jesus and love him very much. If you feel lead to reach out, please do so, we’d love to hear from you or anything you think the Holy Spirit would have you share with us. God Bless, Kyle

A Wonderful Savior

As I’ve been thinking about the current trial that my family is going through I feel as if the Holy Spirit has been ministering to me by reminding me to the great love of God that has been demonstrated toward … Continue reading

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The Lord Forgives

This morning I told my wife that I felt compelled that we begin taking communion once daily until the Lord says otherwise.  Once in the morning with a time of prayer, scripture reading and meditating on the Lord. We are … Continue reading

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Still waiting…

This posts is going to be a little different.  I guess with a title like “” you’d think this site would be filled with nothing but positive affirmations and assurances of good tidings.  Maybe it should be.  I don’t know.  … Continue reading

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Let the dead bury the dead…

I started this blog about 7 years ago as I believe the Holy Spirit asked me to and then I just kind of set it down and walked away.  Through what would seem to be many providential circumstances and events … Continue reading

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Today if you hear his voice…

“Today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts…” I’m praying that those who are reading this blog post would feel pressed in their hearts to open their Bibles and read through Hebrews 3 and 4.  Pray and … Continue reading

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How do we hear?

I had a recent exchange with someone about how we hear God’s voice and I thought it might be worth sharing here.  I hope and pray this encourages any who may read it. Henry Blackaby said,  “God speaks through a … Continue reading

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A Start

I’m not really sure how I begin this, so I’ll just step out in faith.  I started this website because I believe the Lord has asked me to do so.  It is my faith that the Father will use me … Continue reading

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