How This Ministry Came To Be

I thought it may prove useful to explain some things about this website namely, how it can to be in the first place.

As I shared in my personal testimony, I came to know the Lord at a young age and shortly thereafter felt like the Lord had told me that I would be going into ministry for his namesake.  Though I didn’t know what then meant at the time I quickly learned that it would not be a “traditional” ministry.  I thought perhaps it might mean I’d be a preacher/pastor/teacher and that may still be the case if the Lord wills it but what I came to know about my calling and ministry is that it was prophetic in nature.

Obvious signs…

From an early age there were signs that pointed to this calling, I’ve long demonstrated many of the typical characteristics (this link is not an endorsement of the attached website or ministry but simply something I very much agreed with in my spirit) of someone inclined to the prophetic gifting.

Primary among these traits I would say is a zeal for the Truth and that Truth is Jesus Christ.  An unwavering commitment to the Truth even when that comes at great expense to ones self.  This commitment to the Truth is often received as hostility or negativity but the reality is it’s most often an act of profound love.  Consider Stephen’s speech before his stoning.  His audience was enraged as he spoke the truth and though at the time it cost him his life, the Lord was pleased by his faithfulness and there was a man in the crowd who’s life would forever be impacted by Stephen’s faithfulness.  A man named Saul who the Lord would later miraculously save and give a new name, Paul, the Apostle.

Over the years as the Lord revealed more and more to me about my calling I came to know and understand that he was calling me to prophecy.  This calling would be confirmed again and again in my own mother and father.  And though I knew it to be true, I rejected it.  I rejected it primarily out of fear.  I didn’t want this calling because I knew what it would mean for “my” life.  I knew it would be incredibly difficult, I would often be maligned and misunderstood, stoned by the very people that God was asking me to minister to.  For so long I was unwilling to love the Lord and obey him as Stephen had done.

More than anything else the most obvious “sign” was the witness of the Holy Spirit within my own heart.  I knew what the Lord had asked of me, I knew I’d heard his voice.

“You should write…”

As time passed it became clear that the Lord had gifted me with the ability to write and the passion the Lord had birthed in me for the Truth, Jesus Christ would often build to such a degree that it would over flow in me to the point where I would simple “preach” to anyone who would listen.  Most of the time this was my own family, my mother and father.  As I would share they would encourage me, “Kyle, you’ve been called by the Lord and we think you need to write and share these things he’s revealed to you.”

Basically, my parents would hound me with the idea that I should start a blog and begin to write and share as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance.  But I hated the idea.  I would always reject it.  I thought of everything I could do to avoid this.  I just didn’t want to.  My anger, fear and most importantly pride would not allow me to do it.

A disobedient prophet…

Over the years the Lord has spoken to me a great deal through the book of Jonah.  It’s a tiny book but speaks volumes about God’s character; his love, his faithfulness, his great grace but perhaps most importantly it speaks of his sovereignty.  I won’t fully go into the details of what God showed me in Jonah here (perhaps that will be another post) but briefly, he was showing me it was a pattern for my own life.  The Lord had called Jonah and Jonah ran from his calling.  The Lord wanted Jonah to prophecy to Nineveh, a “type” of church, and Jonah refused and because he refused the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow him whole.

Like Jonah, I refused to obey what I knew to be true.  I knew the Lord was speaking through my parents about my calling and about the need to write and share but I simply refused to obey his voice.  And so for years this pattern would continue.

A Providential meeting…

In the summer of 2012 I had a meeting that would profoundly change my life.  My wife, then my fiance, was a nurse at a neuro ICU in Dallas, TX.  Being a critical care facility, most of her patients are in pretty bad shape and while this isn’t the end for all of them, for a great many it was.

Around noon one day I was coming out of an interview and she called me and asked what I was doing and if I would be willing to come up to her work and meet somebody.  That somebody was a woman named of Yvonne, she was one of Kitty’s patients and through the course of the day they gotten to know each other.

Kitty explain over the phone how odd it was.  As she share the story with me she explained how her and Yvonne had just really connected with one another and what a blessing it had been to chat with her.  There was just a kindred spirit between them, it was as though they’d known each other their entire lives.  So Kitty went on to explain how as they were talking Yvonne said, “You must be a pastor’s wife.”  Kitty chuckled and her response, was, “Well no, I’m not but it’s funny you should say that because I’m about to marry my fiance and I do believe he’s been called into ministry.”

After chatting some more Yvonne explained to Kitty that she was in bad shape spiritually.  She was really upset about her condition, we sensed she knew her time as near, but what really pained her was how alone she was.  Her she was, sick and in the hospital and nobody had come to visit her, not one family member.  She wasn’t married so there was no spouse to care for her but she did have brothers and sister in the city and not a one of them had bothered to be there for her in a great time of need.  She was really hurting and so she asked Kitty to ask me if I would come to the hospital and pray for her.  Kitty relayed the story to me and I said, of course I would.

So I grabbed my Bible and headed up to the hospital to meet Yvonne.  I immediately knew why Kitty was so impressed by her.  She was truly a kindred spirit in the Lord.  Just chatting with her it was so obviously that she was my sister in Christ.  As I prayed for her and read from the Scriptures to try and encourage her the Holy Spirit would just pour out of this woman.  There wasn’t a passage I could read that she couldn’t pick up and run with.  She would finish the text for me and then add to it what ever the Spirit was giving her utterance to say in the moment.  It was really beautiful.  It wasn’t just memory verses or something like that.  No, the word was alive in her.  It emanated from her.  I’ve never met anyone in my entire life who seemed to be so full of the Spirit.

Her she was in the hospital, explaining how she was so heartbroken, so downtrodden and yet the Spirit of God was so palpable on her.  It was like David must have been while writing the Psalms.  It was really just a very special moment that Kitty and I would never forget.

So after we spoke for a while Yvonne’s spirits seemed to be lifted, encouraged and then she shared something with me.

“Kyle, I have a word from the Lord to share with you.  Kitty, take that pen and write these letters on that whiteboard.  T P W O G.  What’s that mean?”

I chuckled and then thought, “Hmm well let’s see, Powerless With Out God?”  Kitty and I made a couple of guesses and then gave up.  We said we didn’t know and ask her to tell us and this was her response.

“The Prophetic Word Of God.  The Lord told me to tell you, you are supposed to start a website called and start writing on it whatever He tells you to write.  God’s people are starving and they need to hear his voice.”

Kitty just looked at me with a wide eyed stare as we both though to ourselves, “uh…”

I chuckled nervously and then responded, “Humph, really.  That’s what you think I need to do, huh.”

And then Yvonne, stone cold rebuked before I could say another word.

“No fool.  I said the LORD told me to tell you, you are supposed to start a website called and start writing on it whatever He tells you to write.  God’s people are starving and they need to hear his voice.”

I responded sheepishly but with acceptance, “Okay.”

With that our time came to a close, I needed to go and Yvonne needed to rest.  We said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers.  We were so delighted to meet our new friend that we made plans to have her over for dinner when she got out of the hospital.  I told her in the mean time if she just wanted to chat, just to give me a call, I’d be happy to pray with her or just be an ear to listen.

She called me the next day, just wanting to chat and be encouraged so more and so we prayed and chatted briefly.  I was just getting off a flight and had to go so our conversation was cut short, I let her know that I’d call her when I got back into town in the next couple of days.

The next day, Yvonne passed away.

A Start

Kitty and I felt confident, we had heard from the Lord.  So I went and bought the url to this website and then created a WordPress blog for it and shared ever so briefly what I felt the Lord would have me share in that moment.

That was 7 years ago and though I bought the url and the WordPress blog I wrote only an entry or two and then set it down.  I didn’t know what else to write.  I was scared.  The name of the blog itself terrified me.  “Who on earth am I Lord?  You want me to speak for you?  This is madness, they’ll destroy me if I do this!”

I started with a post about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that was about it.  In the first three years that post was read on 6 of the 7 continents and 67 different countries.  From the United States to Brazil and Italy, to Ghana the Netherlands, Japan and Australia, Saudi Arabia and Haiti, Slovenia and The Maldives, Sweden and the UK, Germany and Hong Kong, Malaysia and Albania.  I was blown away.

I’d done nothing to promote this site in anyway.  I simply did what I felt the Lord asked me to do and the response was incredible.  I can only hope that those people who came to this site and read my simple presentation of the gospel would have heard the voice of the Lord, believed the good news of Christ and been born again.

Lost and Found

Over the years I would continue to share with people as the Lord shared with me his heart.  I would continually be encouraged to “share this on your blog” and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I would try to explain, “This blog isn’t my personal diary y’all!  I mean everything thought or impression I get isn’t necessarily a word from the Lord that’s to be share with the whole world!  Don’t you understand what I’m dealing with here?  What if I get it wrong?  Do you have any idea who I’m dealing with here?!”

That fear was still there.  I just couldn’t trust the Lord in this and so I continued to run from what he was calling me to do, which was to write as he gave me words to share.

So after years of inactivity, I forgot to renew my url and I lost it. was no longer mine.

Last summer, after again being encouraged by those who knew me to write, to share these things on my blog, I went to see if I could purchase the url again.  I couldn’t someone else owned it.  A company in Tallahassee, FL.  I felt impressed by the Lord to call them and see if I could buy it from them and so I did.

I left a message with the owner and the next day he called me back.  We had an interesting phone call.  I asked him if he’d be willing to sell me the url as I’d once owned it and forgot to repurchase it.  He inquired what I wanted it for and so not knowing him from Adam and why he was asking I just briefly share my testimony with him and let him know that I believed the Lord was asking me to do this.

He began to share with me that he too had a ministry calling and had bought this url for a company he and his partner had started.  They would buy urls, primarily of a spiritual nature and then manage and sell them as the Lord told them to.  So for instance they buy a url about the Third Temple and then save it and if anybody came looking to buy it they would sell it to them if they felt like the Lord released them to do it.  Some of these would be far more valuable that others and some people would be willing to spend a tidy sum in order to get the url they wanted.  The guys charged anywhere from $99- $900 or more for a given url.  I was willing to pay for but I didn’t really have much money to do such a thing as I really couldn’t afford it.

As I listened to this man share his testimony about his ministry and calling he mentioned he’d need to think it over and talk to his partner about it.  This would be the first url they’d sold and he didn’t know how much they should sell it for.  As he stammered on he mentioned probably being able to sell it for the entry level price of $99.  And then he continued to nervously chat.  I could tell something was bothering him.  I wasn’t saying much, just listening.  He asked if I’d pray for him and his partner’s ministry as they’d been experiencing pretty significant attacks from the enemy and could use all the prayers they could get.

Then in the middle of his nervous chatter, he just stopped and said, “You know, I’m getting really pressed by the Spirit right now, I’m just supposed to give this url to you so I’m going to do that.  If you’ll send me your registra information I’ll have the url transferred over to you tomorrow.”

The next day the url was mine again.

Now what?

If I can be honest, I’m still afraid.  Fear is still there.  I’m not really and truly comfortable with this whole thing.  But as I have learned to trust the Lord he has comforted me that His grace is sufficient for me.  Just in the last couple of weeks I’ve felt released in my spirit to begin to really write and share what I feel like the Lord has asked me to share here.

I’m just a man.  I’m a sinner, desperately in need of grace.  So if you are reading this now I’d ask you to remember that.  Additionally, if you feel led to, would you please pray for me and my family and for this ministry?  We know that there will be attacks from the enemy.  If the Lord is at work here and we believe that he is, then we can know that the enemy will respond in kind.

That being said, we take heart, we find rest and peace in the words of the Spirit that were spoken through John,

“4 Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” – 1 John 4:4

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  1. gr8ful2knowhim says:

    Beautiful. May the Lord use you as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Him, that His good, pleasing and perfect will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. For His glory, and for His sake. In the name of Truth, Who is Christ Jesus.

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