The Great Physician

19 Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he delivered them from their distress.
20 He sent out his word and healed them,
    and delivered them from their destruction.
21 Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love,
    for his wondrous works to the children of man! – Psalm 107:19-21
About a month ago Henry was horsing around on his bed and he let’s out a holler like he was in serious pain.  Turns out he had a q tip in his ear… while jumping around on the bed, and he punctured his ear drum.
So we take him to the doctor and the doctor says the ear drum is about 50% perforated.  He explained that he would need to take some ear drops to prevent infection but that we should give it some time to see if it healed on its own.  He said normally with this big of a hole they don’t tend to heal up on their own but that they require surgery and the implantation of a new ear drum.
So it’s been about 4 weeks and Kitty was speaking with an ENT that she works with and he got a little frustrated about what he other doc had said.  He went on to adamantly explain that a 50% perforation will never heal on it’s own and tat Henry will require surgery, guaranteed, and that it’s something he specializes in.  He was incredibly kind and offered to have Kitty bring Henry in for a free examination (the other exam was going to cost us another $400) and then he’d let us know what the best next steps would be.
This morning before I left for work Kitty and I prayed over Henry laid our hands on his ear and asked the Lord to heal his ear in Jesus’ name.  To heal it completely and totally so that no surgery or any other medical treatment would be required.
So just before lunch Kitty called me to let Henry give me the update and the boy says, “God healed me!”  His ear is fine.
Kitty explained that the Doc looked in his ear and that his face was in shock, he said, “it looks like there’s never been anything wrong with his ear”.  Kitty replied, “shouldn’t there be some scar tissue at least”.  Doc said, “yes”.  Just to be sure there wasn’t some kind of small hole that they couldn’t see visually they did another test that examines pressure in the ear to see if there truly is any kind of hole whatsoever.  No pressure loss, no hole.  His ear is totally and completely healed.
Kitty asked about a audio hearing test and the Dr seemed unconcerned and said we don’t need one, the ear looks 100% fine.
Jesus is the great physician.  He hears our prayers and he heals us from our hurts.
But he doesn’t just heal our physical bodies, he does a lot more than that.  He heals our spirit from the condition it’s in.  Our condition is that we are dead because of sin, our spirit has already died and one day so too will our physical bodies.  But if we will hear (with spiritual ears that God grants us!) the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and risen for the remission of sin, and in hearing the Word of God, repent of our sin and believe on the Lord, then he will heal us completely from our sad state of death.  We will be set from from the penalty of sin and he will progressively grant us freedom from the power of sin and one day he will even set us free from the very presence of sin.
The Lord heals and he does so to the uttermost.
I pray that if you would hear this good news today that you would repent (changed your mind concerning your sin) and believe (have faith) in the good news of Christ crucified and risen for the remission of sin.  I pray that the Lord would heal you from your sickness, granting you total and complete victory over any disease, deficiency and even death, in Jesus name.  Amen.
PS. I took this picture of Henry’s ear about a year ago. And his right ear is the one that was hurt. But that being said, I saved this thinking, “one day I think I’m going to want to share this”.

About R Kyle McDaniel

Hey there! My name is Kyle McDaniel, I’m 39 years old and I live in Fort Worth, TX with my wife Kitty and our two kids, Henry 3 and Catherine 1. Both Kitty and I are “from” North Texas but have moved around here and there throughout our lives but this area has always felt like it was home for us. 1/7/2021: I figured it was time for an update. The four of us became the five of us this year as we welcomed our third child to our family, our precious baby girl Vivienne Coers McDaniel. Vivivenne means “alive” and Coers was my wife Kitty’s maiden name and it’s French meaning “heart/s” and it’s our faith the Lord will one day give her a new and living heart to fulfill the meaning of her name. Kitty and I met in December of 2010 and were married on July 28th, 2012. We had both come to know the Lord and be born again before meeting each other and have seen our relationship with Him grow and mature through the years of our marriage as we’ve learned to love each other as He has loved us. We are just a regular family I guess, just people who really need Jesus and love him very much. If you feel lead to reach out, please do so, we’d love to hear from you or anything you think the Holy Spirit would have you share with us. God Bless, Kyle
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