What is this?

What is this?

What is all of this brothers and sisters?

It’s just mind blowing to me how so many in the church can’t see what’s unfolding right before their own eyes. Or they can and refuse to accept it…

  • rampant sin, of the highest order the world over
  • man routinely rejecting God as creator through the promulgation of Darwinian evolution
  • Satan and his angels deceiving the nations through a victim mentality and the marring of God’s image through:
  • the breakdown of the family
  • casual divorce
  • the destruction of manhood
  • the destruction of womanhood
  • rebellious children
  • the homosexual agenda
  • the transsexual agenda and the destruction of God’s image bearers
  • the explosion of false teaching in the “church”
  • the proliferation of false gospels at every turn, the prosperity gospel, the social gospel…
  • the rise and explosion of new age teaching, the divine spark, inherent “godhood” teaching
  • the explosion in literal witchcraft and the occult in mainstream society
  • the explosion in pharmakeia throughout the world, virtually the entire world is currently taking at least one if not more psychotropic drugs that have suicidal ideation listed as a known side effect
  • the explosion of pornography at the fingertips of every human in the world with a smartphone
  • the explosion of the internet and its ability to connect the world into a cohesive whole as never before in human history
  • a complete breakdown in trust in formerly trustworthy public institutions, ie the government, news media, academia, medicine
  • global censorship at all time highs
  • groupthink and collectivism the mantra of the day
  • the tenets of Marxism/collectivism becoming mainstream and even taking a major foothold in the church
  • the fomenting of racial strife and unforgiveness for past sins of racism
  • hatred of the wealthy and an explosion in greed by all
  • everyone is a lover of self
  • a highly debated election of the most powerful office in the world where half of those who voted have good reason to believe the election was something less than legitimate
  • yet any actual public discourse of the matter is squashed through censorism and the marginalization of opposition
  • a worldwide pandemic that increasingly looks as though it were purposefully created in a lab and “accidentally” leaked
  • a corresponding fear based draconian response to the pandemic where the law of the land is routinely violated including a:
  • a vaxx that is pitched a savior to the people and a corresponding propaganda campaign that seeks marginalize any and all who don’t “fall down and worship the idol”
  • the open discussion by the world’s power elite that the pandemic can be used to usher in a “new world order” a “great reset”
  • an economic freight train that is headed down the track at uncontrollable speeds and at any moment can jump the tracks and end the current financial order
  • wars and rumors and wars
  • saber rattling by global powers
  • the explosion of the ufo/alien phenomenon that has all the telltale signs of misinformation in how at once we are led to believe two equal and opposite stories; 1. aliens exist and are visiting us and 2. belief in aliens is crazy you must be a nutjob. This is a classic sign of subterfuge. What is this phenomenon really about? How does it tie to the lies of Darwinian evolution? “Ye shall be like God…”
  • the transhumanist agenda that is now the de facto religion of silicon valley and the power elites of the world

Brothers and sisters… what is all this?

What is happening? And why?

What is the testimony of the Scriptures? What does the Holy Spirit say?

Here’s what I read in the Scriptures and here’s what I hear the Spirit speaking…

This is the spirit of antichrist at work in the sons of disobedience. Your Adversary is fast at work deceiving the nations and building his new Tower. He knows that his time is short.

As for you my beloved, I have this against you…

But take heart, the Lamb has overcome and so too will you by the word of your testimony, the blood of the Lamb and loving not your own life, even unto death.

Abide in me and I will abide in you. Fill your lamps with oil for night cometh. Surely I am coming quickly.

About R Kyle McDaniel

Hey there! My name is Kyle McDaniel, I’m 39 years old and I live in Fort Worth, TX with my wife Kitty and our two kids, Henry 3 and Catherine 1. Both Kitty and I are “from” North Texas but have moved around here and there throughout our lives but this area has always felt like it was home for us. 1/7/2021: I figured it was time for an update. The four of us became the five of us this year as we welcomed our third child to our family, our precious baby girl Vivienne Coers McDaniel. Vivivenne means “alive” and Coers was my wife Kitty’s maiden name and it’s French meaning “heart/s” and it’s our faith the Lord will one day give her a new and living heart to fulfill the meaning of her name. Kitty and I met in December of 2010 and were married on July 28th, 2012. We had both come to know the Lord and be born again before meeting each other and have seen our relationship with Him grow and mature through the years of our marriage as we’ve learned to love each other as He has loved us. We are just a regular family I guess, just people who really need Jesus and love him very much. If you feel lead to reach out, please do so, we’d love to hear from you or anything you think the Holy Spirit would have you share with us. God Bless, Kyle
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