bearing the burden of babe yet born

    overflowing with joy for soon coming morn’

enduring the labor that brings forth life

    ordained that her desire would come by strife

suckling babe knows loves first care

    at the sweet flowing breast his mother doth share

babe grows to boy and boy to man

    still man knows love by his mother’s own hand

she sees her babe, now a man

    bear her burden, by Providence’ plan

He embraces her suffering by the blood of his cross

    Son of Glory covered in dross

in the midst of his suffering, few by his side

    but mother that bore him, who shares in his life

as body gives way and he’s crushed by grief

    Son’s thought turns to mother and her need to meet

being full of glory, God in the flesh

    pours out his love from his own pierced chest

mother now knows the love of her Son

    His love that worked in her before his first day was one

About R Kyle McDaniel

Hey there! My name is Kyle McDaniel, I’m 39 years old and I live in Fort Worth, TX with my wife Kitty and our two kids, Henry 3 and Catherine 1. Both Kitty and I are “from” North Texas but have moved around here and there throughout our lives but this area has always felt like it was home for us. 1/7/2021: I figured it was time for an update. The four of us became the five of us this year as we welcomed our third child to our family, our precious baby girl Vivienne Coers McDaniel. Vivivenne means “alive” and Coers was my wife Kitty’s maiden name and it’s French meaning “heart/s” and it’s our faith the Lord will one day give her a new and living heart to fulfill the meaning of her name. Kitty and I met in December of 2010 and were married on July 28th, 2012. We had both come to know the Lord and be born again before meeting each other and have seen our relationship with Him grow and mature through the years of our marriage as we’ve learned to love each other as He has loved us. We are just a regular family I guess, just people who really need Jesus and love him very much. If you feel lead to reach out, please do so, we’d love to hear from you or anything you think the Holy Spirit would have you share with us. God Bless, Kyle
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